Developmental Education


The Alabama Community College System is committed to the academic and professional success of all students. The System’s commitment is strengthened through the offering of developmental educational services that provide a comprehensive approach to instruction and student support. This approach includes developmental education courses which assist students who require or request additional academic preparation before pursuing college level courses. Additionally, a variety of services are available to all students to introduce or reinforce the skills necessary for success in the classroom and workplace.

The Division of Academic and Student Affaris provides this webpage as an online resource for students, instructors, and administrators interested in developmental education policy, preparation, and progress nationally and within the Alabama System.



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Archived - Plans of Instruction

MTH - 090 - Basic Mathematics
MTH - 091 - Developmental Algebra I
MTH - 092 - Developmental Algebra II
MTH - 098 - Elementary Algebra
MTH - 100 - Intermediate College Algebra

ENG - 092 - Basic English I
ENG - 093 - Basic English II




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Test Prep Resources

Many students do not adequately prepare for the placement exams (COMPASS and ASSET) that determine their enrollment in freshmen level Math and English courses.  It is of the utmost importance that students are informed of the impact of these assessments before they make their first attempt. Additionally, if a student does not place in a college level credit course after taking the assessment, colleges need to ensure that students are advised appropriately and that they are exposed to the proper academic and student services resources.  By providing the proper guidance and tools, there are increased opportunities for success on placement test and in the classroom.  Below you will find links to recommended COMPASS and ASSET prep websites. 

  1. ACT COMPASS Prep 
  2. Edready COMPASS & ACT prep site  
  4. ASSET Student Study Guide 
  5. ASSET Test Prep 


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Best Practices

The term Best Practice is used to describe a practice that is data-driven, adaptive, and cost-effective; addresses affective and cognitive needs; and increases student learning.  Many of our colleges have either implemented or are investigating practices to help students complete developmental coursework. The Department of Postsecondary Education (DPE) invites colleges to share information and approaches related to the development and sustainment of innovative and effective practices.  By doing so, DPE encourages an ongoing dialogue that will foster postive changes and improvements in developmental education.

Steps for Submission

  1. Identify a Best Practice at your college.  Make sure that the practice has been evaluated (quantitative/qualitative) and documented.
  2. Obtain approval from an executive administrator at your college (ex: President, Vice President, Dean of Instruction).
  3. Upon approval, complete and submit the Best Practices on the Developmental Education Best Practices – Phase I Form.
  4. A notification of receipt will be emailed to the contact person on record and the submission will be reviewed by the DETF Best Practices Subcommittee.
  5. Upon approval of the content, a request will be sent via email to complete and submit the Best Practices in Developmental Education–Phase II Form.
  6. Upon approval of the Phase II content by the DETF Best Practices Subcommittee, a final review will be conducted and accepted by the Vice Chancellor of Instructional and Student Services.
  7. The approved Best Practice will be placed on the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education website.