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The Department of Postsecondary Education was established as a separate state agency in May of 1982 by the passage of Act No. 82-486 by the Alabama Legislature. This Act authorized the State Board of Education to appoint a chancellor for the purpose of: (1) assisting the State Board in carrying out its authority with respect to the management and operation of the community, junior, and technical colleges, and Athens State University; and (2) administering the Office of the Chancellor, including the appointment of personnel as needed to carry out the tasks and responsibilities of the Department.

In 2015, the Alabama Legislature established an independent Board of Trustees for the Alabama Community College System and transferred all responsibilities and duties of the Department of Postsecondary Education to a the Alabama Community College System.


The Alabama Community College System has direct responsibility to the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees for the direction and supervision of educational programs and services provided by the Alabama Community College System. The ACCS provides leadership, service, and regulatory functions for the member institutions of the Alabama Community College System to ensure educational accessibility, excellence, and equity for all citizens of Alabama.


The Chancellor's Office of the Alabama Community College System is supported by both state and federal funding. ACCS employees are not subject to or governed by the provisions of the State Merit System laws, but are entitled to all benefits accruing to Merit System employees, including the right to accumulate leave and participate in the Teachers’ Retirement System and State Employee’s Health Insurance Plan. All personnel serve at the pleasure of the Chancellor.

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